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 Be Grateful for Everything


      “Be grateful for everything.”  Gratitude is invaluable, for in difficult or challenging times, we will be truly moved by the help given from someone who is noble.  If we are rescued from danger, we will be grateful indeed.  We will want to repay them with money or, if we don’t have any, our own lives because we are in our rescuer’s debt.

       Those who have hearts of gratitude are not only content with themselves, but they will also tolerate and help others.  Therefore, gratitude is an invaluable sentiment, able to bring warmth to one’s surroundings and harmony to a group, as well as increase one's own happiness.  One who receives help realizes its warmth and comfort and will definitely give it to others in return.  He has the same heart as the benefactor and will naturally want to pay it forward.

        At the same time, he becomes modest and humble after being rescued.  Having been desperate and on the verge of dying, he then had his life given back to him.

       Therefore, when he is humble, content, and non-quarrelsome, his heart will become soft, and he will want to give back to and help others, which enables him to accept and tolerate other individuals. Thus, grateful people definitely make a group heartwarming and harmonious.


(Translated and edited by the Pure Land School Translation Team)


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Master Huijing

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